Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My cik Betty

yoohhh!! ape diatas??

hemm!! mana anney nehhh.. lambat butul!!

hehehe!! tosai sudah mari laa..

mama!! cepat ler... lapar sudahh



mama erfan said...

lahai cumilnye cik betty....ske tgk dia! bam2 gitu...

jajazuzu said...

alahai minah bendil nih. bagi aku pinjam dia 2 hari la!

tHrEE oF us said...

mama erfan : herkk.. lajunye comment smpai.. hehehe

jajazuzu : hamek laa ja.. aku pon x larat nk melayan dh (tu pon kalo dia nak kt ko laaaa!! hahaha)

Mummy Dasy said...

alahai keletah gaknye cik betty ni..

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